Literature about Butoh Dance


Butoh - Revolt of the Flesh in Japan and a Surrealist Way to Move by Johannes Bergmark.

Butoh:The Darkness Amongst the Joy by Emily Burke an exploration of Butoh by a student of dance written as a paper for a dance course at Oregon State College in 2002. Thank you for your submission, Emily.

What is Butoh Dance? by Dan Hermon of Butoh Net and Tangentz Performance Group.

Butoh in the Late 1980's by Kazuko Kuniyoshi a critical article on Butoh in the nineteen-eighties. Available only in Dutch here.

Invitation to Butoh by Masaki Iwana. An essay from 1995.

Don McLeod on Butoh by Don McLeod.

Butoh - Dance of Darkness by Harmen Sikkenga of Kobo Butoh.

Butoh by Liz Waring.

About Butoh by Morita Itto.

A Butoh Dance Method for Psychosomatic Exploration by Toshiharu Kasai.

A Note on Butoh Body by Toshiharu Kasai.

Perception in Butoh Dance by Toshiharu Kasai and Kate Parsons.

The Arm-Standing Exercise For Psychomatic Training by Toshiharu Kasai.

And on the printed page...

Towards the Bowels of the Earth: Butoh Writhing in Perspective by Paul Roquet. Published in May 2003, this short book (100 pages) on Butoh was adapted from the author's thesis last year at Pomona College in California, USA. The thesis won the Asian Studies Thesis prize at the college and Paul decided to make the book avaliable online in the hopes of developing an ongoing dialogue about butoh history and practice. The book available in paperback for $8.49 or via download for $1.99.

Een theater van worden: Analyse van Hijikata Tatsumi's ankoko butô by Sara Jansen. Master’s Degree essay, Japanese Studies, Catholic University Kuleuven, Belgium. 1993-1994, 1994. [K.U.Leuven MAGAK:THL5287] [LSIN :6835.9/JANS 1994] {58550182}

Hijikata Tatsumi: The Words of Butoh by Kurihara Nanako. TDR: The Drama Review, Volume 44, Number 1 (T 165), Spring 2008, pp. 10-28. Subscription required for access.

Kazuo Ohno's World from without & within

Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno; John Barrett, trs.; Toshio Mizohata, pref.

Wesleyan University Press distributed by University Press of New England

2004 • 343 pp. 154 illus. French flap cover. 6 x 9"

$34.95 Paper, 978-0-8195-6694-2

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