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This page lists all of the butoh dancers, teachers, or performing groups that we currently have information on.

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Butoh Net has experimented with translating listings into the language of the country in which they reside using Altavista's free Babelfish translator, but it is not perfect, so you will see the majority of listings in English. You will also note that there is an optional translation of the page into 8 different languages based on your choice (see feature at right).



Atelier Beni (Tokyo, JAPAN). Atelier Beni was founded in 1987 in Tokyo to create new artistic performances which do not include any established style of drama or dance. One of unique points of this group is that almost all members originated in art. This fact reflects in the art-oriented character of our performances, where objects or pictures often play key roles. Sometimes noise music or sort of improvisation were used also. In 1991, new method was introduced and the group was reorganized as a butoh dance company. They consider Butoh one of the most prominent art created in Japan, and are optimistic about its future in the 21st century. email: atlbeni@excite.co.jp

Dairakudakan (Tokyo, JAPAN).One of the most spectacular Butoh groups. Mailing address: B1,2-1-18Kichijoji-kitamachi Musashino-shi, TOKYO JAPAN 180-0001. Tel: 81-422-21-4982, Fax: 81-422-21-4983. e-mail:oorakuda@a3.shes.net.

Butoh Sha Tenkei (Tokyo, JAPAN). Established in 1981, this group has performed in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Morita Itto (Toshiharu KASAIT), leader of Goo Say Ten (Sapporo, JAPAN). Has several performance photos of various Butoh groups in performance: Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno, Byakko-Sha, Sankai Juku, DaiRakudaKan, ByakkoSha and others. In Japanese and English.

Ito Kim and The Glorious Future (?, JAPAN). Butoh trained and influenced, but also utilizing Modern dance elements, this is a contemporary dance group. In Japanese and English.

Katsura Kan (Itami, JAPAN). Master Butoh artist Katsura Kan delights audiences around the world with his performances and workshops. He often performs with his group Saltimbanques. Mailing address: CITY TSURUTA 2-#238, 2-21 ARAMAKI 6-chome, ITAMI city, JAPAN 664-0001. 〒664-0001 伊丹市荒牧6丁目 2-21 市営鶴田団地 2-#238. Tel. FAX. +81-72783-2711. Email: kanbutoh@yahoo.co.jp.

Saga KOBAYASHI (Tokyo, JAPAN). Originally performing with Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata's group Hangi Daitoh Kan, she has performed as an individual since 1977. Her online presence is gone. Where are you Saga?

Akaji MARO (Tokyo, JAPAN).  Since 1972, actor, dancer and choreographer Akaji Maro has been the leading force behind one of the most spectacular Butoh groups, Dairakudakan. His personal webpage has disappeared.

ABE "M"aria. (JAPAN) Abe has performed in Japan and Holland and the United States. Rika MUTO (Performs as Kanoko HATA in Japan). (JAPAN). Japanese artist has performed and taught in The United States, Japan, Taiwan and the Phillipines. Her site is in Japanese. There is also a translation of her lecture notes on Butoh. These links no longer work.

Kazuo and Yoshito OHNO (Yokohama, JAPAN). The co-founder of Butoh dance and his son share this website that includes a short biography of each, a schedule of performances and workshops and books and DVDs for sale.While Kazuo Ohno no longer teaches a regular class, Yoshito, who is  does.  In Japanese and English.

Shinonome Butoh (Tokyo, JAPAN). Three unique female dancers, all born in the 1970s, formed this next generation butoh group in 1999.They are KAWAMOTO Yuko, KATATA Chisato, and SHIMADA Asuka. "Shinonome" is the old Japanese word meaning the sky brazened deep orange before dawn when darkness fades away in daylight. The dancers have learned the authentic butoh and its methodology under WAGURI Yukio, who was a direct student of the butoh originator HIJIKATA Tatsumi. In addition to such technique and knowledge, they formed this cheerful and energetic unit to create a new type of butoh, not restricted by the conventional framework and style of butoh. By choreographing themselves, they can introduce, in their dance, what they really want to do and what they are interested in. Their dance reflects their positive feelings about expressing themselves using their bodies. Their fresh approach is different from what has been translated in the West as "dance of darkness."Contact Information: (English:Johanna) 3-4-12-3F Azabujuban Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0045 JAPAN e-mail: joha@otsukimi.net FAX +81(422)23-6090.  In Japanese and English.

Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo (Tokyo, JAPAN). This group, founded in 1986, has sired many independent artists. In Japanese, French and English.

Min Tanaka (JAPAN) This famous performer and teacher is one of the most popular for foreigners coming to Japan to learn Butoh. It is not for the weak, however. The Body Weather Farm is a working farm where you perform physical labor of planting and harvesting the food that you eat. Participants live and work at the farm and learn Butoh there, too. You will be sore, you will be tired, but you will learn Butoh. A day on the farm generally consists of 2 hours of farm work and 8 hours of dance workshop. Contact info: Maureen Phelan, Body Weather Farm, 81 Daibo Hakushu, Kitakoma-gun, Yamanashi-Ken, Japan 408-0314  (TEL): 81-551-352465 (FAX): 81-551-35313.

Imre Thormann (Tokyo, JAPAN). Swiss butohdancer who has lived in Japan for over 10 years. He  trained with Anzu Furukawa and Kazuo Ohno for several years. He has been teaching since 12/2002. Email: imre@bodytaster.com. Mailing address: Setagayaku Sakuragaoka 1-8-6 Yamatoso nr. 0 Tokyo 156-0054. Tel/Fax: 0081 (0) 3 3429 8685. Mobile 0081 (0) 70 5599 8816.

Yan-Shu (Tokyo, JAPAN) Founder Kinya TSURUYAMA was a member of the renowned Butoh group Dairakudakan and has performed in Japan, The U.S.A., Mexico and Germany. Contact info: Kinya "Zulu" Tsuruyama, 4-2-15-205 Kitazawa Setagayaku, Tokyo, Japan T155-0031. Telephone +81-3-3485-6242, Fax +81-3-3485-6244.

Min Tanaka "Body Weather Farm" (Yamanashi, JAPAN). Min Tanaka is one of oldest Butoh performers and is based on a farm near Tokyo. They conduct Summer residency programs and many foreigners have studied with them. The workshops make you work hard and you do farm work while living there also, so this is a rigorous program. I have talked to several people both Japanese and foreigners who have studied there and they say it is quite a challenge. 64 Kami Ashizawa, Shikishima Nakakoma, Yamanashi -Ken, JAPAN 400-1201 (TEL/FAX): 81-55-277-0071. In Japanese.

Imre Thormann (Tokyo, JAPAN). A Swiss Butoh dancer living in japan for 10 years. Trained with furukawa anzu and mostly ohno kazuo. Has Butoh school in Tokyo
called bodygarage. setagayaku sakuragaoka, 1-8-6 yamatoso nr. 0, tokyo 156-0054, tel/fax 0081 (0) 3 3429 8685, mobile 0081 (0) 70 5599 8816. E-mail: imre@bodytaster.com

Sal Vanilla (Tokyo, JAPAN). This group is composed of former members of Dairakudakan. Includes photos and information on works and upcoming performances. Contact via web page, email: ssv0giga@plala.wine.or.jp or conventional mail: #105  1-11-2 Wakabayashi Setagaya-Ku Tokyo JAPAN. Phone +81-(0)3-3401-2966. In Japanese with a little English.

Yukio Waguri and Kohzensha (Tokyo, JAPAN). Where are you Waguri. The man who codified Hijikata’s movements in a language he calls Butoh Fu and markets a cool DVD on it is missing from the online world.

Setsuko Yamada Dance Company (Biwakei, JAPAN) Butoh choreographer and dancer. Has taught and performed at the San Francisco Butoh Festival. Home address: 4-31-7 Sekimachi Kita Nerimaku, Tokyo 177-0051. Tel 81-3-5991-0880/ Fax 81-3-5991-0868. Biwakei studio: 2-9-10 Nishiochiai Shinjukuku, Tokyo 161-0031. Tel & Fax 81-3-5982-7268.

Daisuke YOSHIMOTO (JAPAN). Independent Butoh performer. E-mail: daisuke0823@livedoor.com. Mailing: 2680-1-202 Norborito Tama-Ku, Kawaisaki-shi Kanagawa-Ken, 214-0014 Japan. Tel/Fax: 004-932-2039. AGENT: Kazuyuki Kitamura. In Japanese.



Teatr Novogo Fronta (Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC). I normally only list Butoh dance companies here, however, I was sent a brief e-mail from A.I. Janak, the director of this company and found the web site interesting. On my query to our readers regarding this group, Daniel Cazard wrote, "they´re not exactly butoh, yes,they do fit in nevertheless ´cos...there are a lot of moments in many performances of <theirs>, if needed to be called anything,you might call as you like butoh. They´re amazing, anyways." Thank you, Daniel.


Nordic School Of Butoh (Copenhagen, DENMARK). Dance, performance, art - exploring body, mind, spirit.
- Nordic School of Butoh originates in thoughts and methods from the Japanese butoh: A holistic experimental style of dance, uniting old knowledge with scenic avant-garde. During the last 10 years it has inspired new dance and performance by breaking up with the western imagination of the body as being fragmented and the dancer as being separated from existence and nature.
- The school unites philosophy and technique and gives a broad professionally qualified teaching which intergrades research, method and knowledge of creative and executive work.
- The body is explored and exposed as insistent and complex behind conventional aesthetic and psychological refinement.
- Body, mind, spirit and other well-known principles of three-dimensional training becomes essential to the understanding of bodily dynamics, kinetics, and kineosology with the purpose to open a passage for a more authentic and intuitive language of movement.
- The individual student receives good and basic competences within dance and movement for scenic use or for other purposes as artists, healer, educator, therapist etc.
- “At present we see a new fascination with the actual body of the dancer. Physical as well as mental and metaphysical layers are opened – from organic process of cells to spiritual alchemy. Through the transparent layers of the body the ego of the dancer takes us towards collective values of a universal and almost animalistic kind.”
- Nordic School of Butoh is an alternative school in continuation of the new tendencies.
Anita Saij is Danish exponent for the school in Copenhagen. As one of the few she has been practicing through many years, in Japan with the master Ohno Kazuo from the bright spiritual part of butoh to the founder Hizikatas darkness in Tanaka Min’s tough school. She has integrated butoh in her own way through 20 years of professional -and international reputable work as teacher, performer and choreographer. In Denmark she has taught and inspired many of the present talents like Kitt Johnson, Anders Christiansen, Tim Feldtman, Bo Madvig a. o.
Nordic School of Butoh offers 3 years of education. One year of basic training with the possibility for up to two years superimposed courses.
The education has a part-time -and a full-time side, (four month twice a year) which offers different demands of physical and psychological engagement.
The teaching is given in comprehensible English when needed. During the superimposed courses one must reckon on travel-activity to other Nordic countries.
- Every year intensive ocean-camps are being held in respectively Denmark and Spain. In March and October every year 2 weekend-workshops will be held and everybody can attend.
Contact information: Phone +45 2665 5605. www.nordicbutoh.dk email: info@nordicbutoh.dk


Paul Ibey (London, ENGLAND). Paul is an independent choreographer, performer and teacher. His work often represents a hybrid of styles, but his main focus is Butoh. He teaches butoh master-classes internationally, dividing his time between the UK, Europe, North America and the Mid-East. His initial butoh training was with Sankai Juku, Yoshito Ohno and Dai Rakuda Kan, amongst others. He may be contacted by e-mail at: paulibey@yahoo.com

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie (London, ENGLAND). Marie-Gabrielle is a Butoh-trained dancer and choreographer living in the United Kingdom. She has studied butoh since 1992 and is the head of an organization called the Butoh UK (formerly London Butoh Network) which began in 1997 and organizes workshops and festivals inviting Japanese practitioners. Contact via the web site, mail via: 7 Trinity Rise, London SW2 2QP, UK,
telephone: +44 0208 674 1518 or e-mail via butohuk@aol.com.


Juju Alishina (Dance Company NUBA). (Paris, FRANCE) NUBA is a Franco-Japanese Butoh dance company in Paris. It was founded by Juju Alishina: Japanese Butoh dancer,choreographer and teacher. Juju Alishina was born in Kobe and trained in traditional Japanese dance, Juju Alishina has devoted her life's work to Butoh since 1982. In 1990, she founded her own company, Nuba, in Tokyo in the pursuit of a new style of Butoh. She is considered an important figure in the third generation of Butoh, having created a "fine blend of traditional and avant-garde" styles. The trademark of the Nuba dance company is its paradoxical combination of shadow and celebration . While remaining loyal to the ceremonies of ancient Japan and eastern dance in general, it is an exciting new approach to Butoh. Email: dansenuba@9online.fr

Iwana Masaki  (Paris, FRANCE) Contact via his web page or via e-mail.

Sankai Juku (FRANCE), this expatriate Japanese group is probably the world's most well-known Butoh performing group. Contact and management information only. In English.


Tadashi ENDO (Diemarden, GERMANY). Japanese artist based in Germany. Performance photos, contact info, choreographies, workshop info. In English.

In_Out (Munich, GERMANY). IN_OUT was founded 1991 as an artistic platform by Stefan Maria Marb and Matthias Renert. In German with some English.

Yuko Kaseki (Berlin,GERMANY). Kaseki arbeitet seit 1995 als freie Tänzerin, Choreographin und Lehrein in Berlin.Sie studiert und tanzt mit Anzu Furukawa. Performing Arts an der HBK Braunschweig Mitglied der Tanzcompany Dance Butter Tokio und Verwandlungsamt in Deutschland, England, Holland, Finnland, USA. 1995 gründete sie die Company Devilangelo mit Marc Ates und realisiert verschidenen Produktionen in der Zusammenarbeit mit bildenden Künstlern und Musikern. (Chiharu Shiota, Francois Giovangigli, Olaf Rupp, Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann, Aki Takase)  Seit 1998 konzentriert sie sich auf die Produktion einer Reihe von Solo und Company Performances in Deutschland, Italy, USA.

Ko MUROBUSHI (Göttingen, GERMANY). Japanese artist based in Germany. Works with Urara KUSANAGI. Has photos, booking info, repertoire and choreographies. In English.

Minako SEKI (Berlin,GERMANY) was born in Tomitsu/Nagasaki, JAPAN. She is a Butoh-Dancer, -Choreographer and -Director. She was a member of  Dance Love Mashine, and helped found tatoeba-Thêátre Danse Grotesque together with Yumiko YOSHIOKA and Delta Ra´i. Since 1996 she has been a member of antagon TheaterAKTion in Germany. She performs, teaches and attends school. In German/Im Deutsch.

Sabine Seume (Düsseldorf, GERMANY). Ritastr. 5, D-40589 Düsseldorf, Germany. Tel./Fax: +49/(0)211/788 34 45. Email: Sabine-Seume@t-online.de. Website: www.Sabine-Seume.de. In German/Im Deutsch.


Kira Ithasimighi (Athens, GREECE). Although not a Butoh group, Kira Ithasimighi is a dancing group based on Athens, Greece that requested a listing. Here is what they had to say about their work and their group: (It) seeks the primal form of movement within its synchronicity and its movement according to its social charcteristics. The body's memory, an element acquired by personal experience and personal choices, initiates before birth in another body that carries along with us its own memories and habits. From this perspective, the discovery of the personal movement of each dancer constitutes the main chorographical approach of the team. Each single performance aims at the discovery of a truth and its dissemination throughout a procedure of festivity, at the point where art meets life and reconstructs it in an imaginary way.
The team would like to cooperate with artists from all over the world. We believe that the content of our work lies within the context of the philosophy of Buto.


Sayoko Onishi (Palermo, ITALY). Japanese performer located in Italy. In Italian.


Limen–The Body Theatre (Warsaw, POLAND). Founded by Sylwia Hanff– master of  art in philosophy, mime-actress, modern and butoh dancer, choreotherapist, dance improvisation and body symbolism instructor. She has been working in many physical and drama theatres. LIMEN is the theatre based on physical techniques and body expression, especially on butoh. She learned butoh from Ko Murobushi, Carlotta Ikeda, Atsushi Takenouchi, Tadashi Endo, Daisuke Yashimoto, Yoko Kawamoto. Contact:
teatr_limen@free.art.pl, sylwiateatr@poczta.onet.pl. tel. kom. +48 607 640 208. In Polish and English.


Wendell Wells (Madrid, SPAIN). Teacher and performer of butoh and Mario Piqueras organiser of butoh workshops and performances. B.A.U.S.M. (Butoh Anti-art Underground Source Madrid) c/ Concepción Bahamonde nº 8 Madrid 28028 Spain
phone : 627 811 659 · 696 218 639 E-MAIL: wendellwells@hotmail.com marioespiqueras@yahoo.es


SU-EN Butoh (Almunge, SWEDEN). SU-EN lived in Japan between 1986-1994. For 5 years she was a disciple of Tomoe Shizune, artistic director of the Hakutobo group. SU-EN was also a member of the group Gnome where Yoko Ashikawa taught and choreographed. SU-EN Butoh Company was founded in Tokyo, 1992 as a daughter group to Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo. SU-EN also has a licence in the Izumo school of Jiuta-mai traditional japanese dance. She returned to Sweden in 1994 and have been quite active performing in a variety of settings in Sweden, Germany, Russia, Czech republic, Japan, USA, Argentina and Scandinavia. Open workshops or lectures are often held in connection with SU-EN performances. In English.


Pia Maria  (Zurich, SWITZERLAND).  This dancer trained in Japan with Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno and in Europe with Masaki Iwana, Carlotta Ikeda and Daisuke Yoshimoto. Im Deutsch / In German.



Meiko Ando (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA) is an independant solo dancer in Butoh style dancing regularly in Toronto since 1993. She has been supported and has been presented at Artword Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from Dance program at university in Canada in 1997, she studied Butoh with Ono Kazuo and Yoko Ashikawa and performed for Butoh dance group Bodhi Sattva which was directed by Tetsuro Fukuhara. Fukuhara was part of Tenshikan group led by Akira Kasai. Since returning to Toronto, she has presented many solo works, collaborating with musicians and visual artists from Tokyo, Montreal and Quebec as well as participating in dance festivals in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Mexico City. Contact: meikoad at yahoo dot com.

Butoh-A-Go-Go (Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA). Thomas Anfield and Kevin Bergsma formed this company to "fill the increasing need for performance art in the lives of both the Butoh artists and audiences of Vancouver." Contact: Kevin Bergsma. 2122 Alberta St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3K3. Telephone: 604-873-3334

Denise Fujiwara (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA). This teacher and performer is not strictly a Butoh artist, but is famous for her Butoh inspired piece, Sumida River. Contact info: Fujiwara Dance Inventions, c/o 490 Adelaide Street West, Suite 201 Toronto, Ontario Canada   M5V 1T2   Tel: 1.416.504.6429   Fax: 1.416.595.8695 In English.

Kokoro Dance (Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA), led by Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi. This company offers workshops and classes and performs regularly in Canada and the United States. Their web site has many features, performance photos, workshop info and links to other sites. In English.


Diego Pinon (Tlalpujahua near Mexico City, MEXICO) Teaches and performs Butoh that he describes as ritualistic in nature. Contact: In Mexico: Tel: 592-77-91, Fax: 260-21-95. Contact:  Katalina Pierce, P.O. Box 3345, La Mesa CA 91944-3345, fax: 1-503-217-1666, e-mail: kpierce@san.rr.com. In English and Spanish.


Anima Dance Theatre (New York City, New York, USA). Directed by Lawrence Rollins, the company states that it is a post-Butoh group. What does this mean? This single page with a photo and little text says that they perform a mixture of Butoh and Modern dance. In English.

Tanya Calamoneri studied somatics at Moving on Center in 1996 and began working with Shinichi Koga/inkBoat in 2000. She has studied Butoh with Su-En, Minako Seki, Carlotta Ikeda, and Ko Murobushi; Suzuki Method with the SITI company and Action Theater with Ruth Zaporah. In 2003 she presented her solo show Bottomless Pit and co-choreographed with Shinichi Koga the Izzie nominated Heaven's Radio. She has danced for Kim Epifano, Jess Curtis, Krista DeNio and Allen Willner. Co-founder of the Experimental Performance Institute at New College of California, she is a Masters Candidate at NYU’s Gallatin School, concentrating on Japanese Performance and physical theater. In New York she is a member of SO.GO.NO, Cave Ensemble, and Richard Schechner's East Coast Artists.

Corpus Delicti butoh performance lab
(Los Angeles, California, USA). Corpus Delicti debuted on Saturday February 15th, 2003 with 25 performers on the street - joining over 100,000 protestors in Hollywood - for the largest Anti-War march in LA history.  Since then, Corpus Delicti has performed 13 times at various locales in Los Angeles - with over 50 performers from various disciplines - participating with the company. Corpus Delicti moves with ease from the street to galleries and theater. Reflecting the diversity of audiences that it attracts, the company has been invited to perform at UCLA, 18th Street Art Complex, Track 16 Gallery, Sol Fest Human Rights Festival, BrickBox Theater in Hollywood, and Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica. Our Vision: To gather as many people in a collective ritual protest based on the dance-theater of Butoh. Email: corpusdance@interactivejungle.com.

Corrina Hiller (New York, New York, USA). corinnah@mindspring.com.

Livingjente (Los Angeles, California, USA). Lingingjente is a multimedia butoh collective using a hybrid of aerial AND butoh called Air-Butoh.  The collective establishes professional works representing human rights, domestic violence, and exploratory elements in movement and themes.  For those interested in training for performance, contact Monica Barriga:  air-buto@sbcglobal.net 323-251-2098/323-256-2012.

Dappin Butoh (Seattle, Washington, USA). Joan Laage's Butoh group. In English.

Djalma Primordial Science Laboratory (New Mexico). Ephia, who co-founded Djalma Primordial Science with experimental musician Jeff Gburek in 1998, has trained with Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno, Min Tanaka, Akira Kasai, and danced in the company of the late Anzu Furukawa. Djalma Primordial Science teaches workshops and performs internationally. They hold an annual summer retreat in New Mexico entitled "integrating with/disintegrating into the land, BUTOH ON THE LAND". Contact: Jeff Gburek/Ephia, Djalma Primordial Science, 315 10th St. NW, Apt.3, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102, USA. Telephone: 505-243-2443. http://www.djalma.com In English.

Degenerate Art Ensemble (Seattle, Washington, USA). DAE is a laboratory of sound and vision. A performance company and a music ensemble, the multi-faceted
performers and artists brew strong, hallucinatory poisons : music, butoh inpired dance and theater - exploding the boundaries of art. DAE serves its infectious mix in music clubs, galleries, theaters, festivals and the streets. DAE's butoh work combines the intense choreograpy of Haruko Nishimura with live original music.

Maureen Fleming (New York State). Maureen Fleming studied with Kazuo Ohno and performed with Yoshito Ohno and Min Tanaka. She has toured internationally spanning 5 continents. Contact: e-mail: flemingny@aol.com. In English.

Geoffrey Earendil and God'zHealer Monster Butoh (Joshua Tree, California, USA). Geoffrey was a student of Koichi and Hiroko Tamano, and a performer with Harupin-Ha from 1998 to 2000,  traveling with Tamano-san to Tokyo in 1999 to perform in the Hijikata fest. He has studied with Yumiko Yoshioka, Akira Kasai, Setsuko Yamada, Mitsutaka Ishii, Kazuo Ohno, Diego Pinon, and others. He has performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in New York City, and in the spring of 2000 he moved with his family from Berkeley, California to Joshua Tree, California where he established God'zHealer Monster butoh and has been performing throughout the Joshua Tree and Palm Springs Areas. He is currently involved in trying to establish the Annual High Desert Butoh Festival. contact: gOff2fish@hotmail.com

Jennifer Hicks (Boston, Massachusetts, USA). Jennifer Hicks received her BFA in Art from Tufts University and Diploma in the Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She won the Traveling Scholars Award in 1996 from Tufts University and presented an installation and performance at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston that same year. She has studied Shiatsu Massage and Acupuncture from the Boston Shiatsu School and New England School of Acupuncture and is a certified Reiki practitioner. She has been practicing a modern martial art called Shintaido since 1988 and is a certified Shintaido Instructor from Shintaido of America. She has been teaching nationally and internationally for many years and will be featured in Fit Magazine for her work with Shintaido in December 2003. She has also studied Butoh since 1994 with artists such as Saga Kobayashi, Diego Piñón, Maureen Fleming, Anzu Furakawa, Hiroko and Koichi Tamano, Setsuko Yamota, Akira Kasai, Katsura Kan, and Su-en. She has been a member of Katsura Kan’s international dance company and performed with him at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in Boston. She is also a certified Trance Dance Facilitator from Wilbert Alix and the Natale Institute in Austin, Texas. She has been a member of Mobius Artist Group in Boston since 1998. She is also certified to teach yoga from O2 Yoga in Cambridge MA; Omega Institute in NY and Nosara Institute in Costa Rica and is registered with the National Yoga Alliance. She was one of 4 choreographers chosen to represent Boston in Boston Highlights last year. Contact information: chimeralab@aol.com Telephone: 774-353-7175

Harrupin-Ha (Berkeley, California, USA) is led by Koichi and Haruko Tamano, who date back to the first generation of Butoh dancers from Tatsumi Hijikata's original company. Since moving to the Bay Area of California in the 1970's they have been the mainstay of Butoh in that area and continue to thrive with their workshops and performances that show the beauty of Classical style Butoh. butohtama@sbcglobal.net.

Judith Kajiwara (Oakland, California, USA) is a butoh solo artist and seasoned dance teacher. Her artistry emphasizes butoh as a transformational process which honors the uniqueness of each person's body, energy and spirit. She teaches butoh workshops in the Bay Area and can be emailed at aimajk@yahoo.com or contacted by telephone at 510-531-7859.

Shinichi Momo Koga/inkBoat (San Francisco, USA / Berlin, Germany). Shinichi Momo Koga is a nonsensical theatre practitioner and Hijikata lineage Butoh dancer whose productions, both solo and ensemble, have been causing havoc since 1988. Koga restructures dance, theater and cinema forms, extracting the vital essence of each to create a sharper reality. As a teacher, performer, and director, Koga inhabits the shadow self and swims the collision between modern life and primal being. He challenges himself and others to attain balances between chaos and serenity, to be a raging storm in blue skies and a breath of calm in the midst of turbulence.
Koga has founded companies such as inkBoat, Uro Teatr Koku (with Alenka Mullin Koga), adapt (with Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki, Sten Rudstroem, Yael Karavan) and Vox Theatre. He has worked extensively with Yumiko Yoshioka and TEN PEN Chii (Germany), Larry Reed's Shadowlight Theater (USA), Koichi Tamano's Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Theatre (USA) and Do Teatr (Russia).

Naoko Maeshiba is a native of Kobe, Japan.  Drawing from her extensive background in both Asian and Western dance/theatre forms, she has been directing, choreographing, and performing multidisciplinary works in Japan, Hawai'i, Washington, DC and Baltimore. Her performance style is described as "imaginative" and "enigmatic, " which offers "a challenging theatrical experience (Honolulu Star Bulletin March 30, 1998.)"   Her work "provides unusual, almost exotic, entertainment" which "takes us on journeys into new worlds." (Washington Times May 12, 2001)   Most recently, she choreographed/directed/danced in COMMUNITAS (Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum), Streamscape/Gyroscope Project (Hirshhorn Museum), danced in Southwest Project (Arena Stage's Downstairs), FISH IN THE GARDEN (Dances We Dance, Honolulu), and directed THE GREEN STOCKINGS (Tsunami Theatre Company, DC.)   Other credits include assistant directing Ohta Shogo in his silent play, WATER S!

TATION III (Singapore, Tokyo), dancing in ANCIENT GREENLAND AND ANCIENT WOMEN directed/choreographed by Min Tanaka (Tokyo, Japan), In 2001, She founded Naoko Maeshiba Performance Collective ( http://www.naokibi.com).  She is a recipient of Individual Artist Fellowship Award from D.C. Commissions on Arts and Humanities (2001-02) and was recently commissioned to create a piece through the Kennedy Center's Local Dance Commissioning Project.  She teaches Butoh workshops at Glen Echo Park and is an assistant professor of theater arts at Towson University in Baltimore, MD.

Don McLeod (Sherman Oaks, California, USA). Don is a multi-talented artist who dance butoh as well as being a professional actor who has been in several major films. He has just completed a tour opening with Butoh dance for the rock music group Concrete Blond. 4733 Lemona Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA. Telephone: 818-986-3070. Email: donmcleod@aol.com. In English.

Karasu-Naku (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA). This duo performed at the 1999 San Francisco Butoh Festival. They cite Diego Piñon as a major influence in their work.  Contact info: Jennifer Morrison / Carrie Ronneau. Email: karasu@popd.ix.netcom.com or at Karasu Naku, 1341 Canyon Rd., #5, Santa Fe, NM  87501 Phone: (505) 992 8770; Fax: (505) 992-8823.

Oguri / Body Weather Laboratory (Venice, California, USA). Established in 1991, this expatriate Japanese Butoh dancer has a performance group located in the greater Los Angeles area. He teaches Butoh classes and performs with his group. Contact via mail: OGURI, c/o Electric Lodge 1416 Electric Ave Venice, CA 90291 USA, by E-MAIL: bwlusa@yahoo.com.

Ralph Rosenfield (Columbus, Ohio, USA), this performance artist has information on his background, photos and video clips of his work and links to other sites. In English.

Michael Sakamoto (Venice, California, USA). A butoh dance theater artist located in the Los Angeles area, Contact: 614 Mildred Ave., Venice, CA 90291. Telephone:(310) 562-7947. E-mail: msakamoto@michaelsakamoto.com. In English.

Paige Sorvillo (Oakland, California, USA). paigesorvillo@mindspring.com.

Kaesha KvK ( Kathi von Koerber) (Brooklyn, New York, USA) is a German/South African dancer and video artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked with and studied under renowned Japanese Butoh master dancer Atsushi Takenouchi, and has performed internationally, with solo shows in Berlin, Paris, and New York at such venues as La Mama E.T.C.; the New School University; Williamsburg Art & Historical Center; Galapagos; Joe’s Pub; and Tonic. Together with musicians such Victoria Hanna, Haale etc. http://www.resonant-wave.net/kvk.htm



Yumi Umiumare (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA). A dancer in the Japanese Butoh style who formerly performed with DaiRakudaKan and has been doing solo work since 1998. Email: yumi umiumare@hotmail.com. Strangely enough, there is a second page that also says that it is her homepage at a different site.


Iona Dance Theatre (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA). Artistic Director: Cheryl Flaharty. Honolulu-based group which combines Modern dance with Butoh influences. Description, performance photos, contact info, a Quicktime video. In English.

Tangentz Performance Group (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA): Creators and sponsors of Butoh Net. Both solo and with Tangentz, artistic director Lori Ohtani has taught workshops and performed in the U.S.A., Canada and Japan. Teaches regular weekly Butoh classes in Honolulu. See the Tangentz page for photos and information regarding workshops and performances. In English.


Hugh Major (Auckland, NEW ZEALAND). A freelance teacher/performer of butoh in Auckland. Contact: e-mail - Major@clear.net.nz Mailing address:  93 Selwyn Ave, Mission Bay, Auckland, N.Z.  Phone no:  (09) 5287345



El Grupo "La Brizna" (ARGENTINA) está compuesto por bailarinas que vienen de distintas disciplinas. Se origina en el 1999 luego de cinco años de experimentación en el taller de Danza Butoh de Rhea Volij. En Español.

Gustavo Collini Sartor  (ARGENTINA): Sartor has a background in acting and theater and studied with Kazuo Ohno before starting his own company. His website is extensive, with history of Butoh and his company, choreographies, contact and booking information and photographs of his company and other prominent performers. In Spanish and English.


Ogawa Butoh Center (in Portugues,In English) (São Simão, SP, BRASIL). João Roberto De Souza (butoh@bol.com.br) is president of the center. He has performed and taught in Brazil and Germany. Located at Rua: Dr. Bandeira Villela, 125, RUA: DR. BANDEIRA VILLELA, 125, São Simão, SP, BRASIL. CEP:14200-000, FAX: +16 6841858.


We do our best to keep these listings current, however, we cannot guarantee their accuracy as we are dependent on people supplying us with information.

This list is arranged by region and country or state and alphabetically by group or individual's family name.

It is currently available only in English.

It's content reflects those who are currently and regularly performing or teaching Butoh primarily. There are a few fusion groups listed. It does not list individuals or groups that no longer teach or perform.

The names of individuals have been arranged by the manner in which they represent themselves in English and this most often means that the family name is last in the Western manner. To clarify matters all individuals from countries who place family names first will have their family names in ALL CAPS.

The presence of a listing for an individual or group is not an endorsement of them or the quality of their work. It merely an informational listing whose purpose is to inform those interested in Butoh where there are practitioners in the world.

There may be errors in spelling or information and we would appreciate being informed of them so that corrections may be made.

This list is incomplete and sometimes may contain only a name. We welcome any information that you wish to send regarding teachers or performers of Butoh who are currently and regularly teaching or performing. Please include the name and contact information with e-mail, website, mailing address and phone numbers, if you have them. We can be reached at dan <at> butoh <dot> net or Butoh Net, P.O. Box 62101, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96839-2101

If you have made a submission, but do not see your listing and have not received a reply, please send your contact information again as e-mail is sometimes lost and computers crash and information is lost. (This has happened. It is not intentional.) I also get too busy sometimes and forget. If you don't see it. Remind Me! Remember that I work full-time, plus have a part-time job, dance and do this as time allows. I do not get paid for this, I do it for love of the art form. However, if you would like to send a contribution, no matter how small, I will be very grateful, even if is only a postcard from where you are just to let me know that you like the site or find it useful.-Dan Hermon, Webmaster.

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